Arduin Special Abilities

Based on the table by David Hargrave in the Arduin Grimoire, Vol 1.

Arduin Special Abilities (d100)
1-2-1 with long swords; -2 vs cold and disease
3-4+1 with short swords; -1 vs all magical attacks (even clerical)
5-6+1 with all axes; -3 vs all dragon breath
7-8+1 with spears and all pole arms; -2 vs all missile attacks
9-10+1 with sabers, cutlasses, etc; -3 vs petrification/paralysis
11-12+1 with maces and flails; +2 to constitution but -3 vs sleep and charm
13-14+1 with morning stars, whips, bolos and chains; -2 with all swords
15-16+1 with all non-mechanical bows; -2 vs all djinn and efreet attacks
17-18+1 with all crossbows, javelins and throwing darts; -1 vs cold
19-20+1 with all knives, daggers, etc; -1 with all other weapons
21-25Mountan Man; +3 to strength and constitution, climb like a thief
26-30Woodsman; +3 with all bows; +2 hide in trees, etc; +1 to dexterity
31-32Bad liar (-1 to charisma when lying); +4 charisma to opposite sex
33-34Natural locksmith; pick locks like a thief; -2 vs poison
35-36+2 vs all undead attacks; -2 vs all missile attacks
37-38Ex-seafarer, who cannot be drowned even in full armor (you shed it)
39-40Flesh tastes bad to monsters (75% chance they'll spit you out!
41-4250% better vision and hearing; ability to see in the dark as an elf
43-44Desert born; +3 to constitution and can find water 85% of the time
45-49Good horseman; can buy them for 20% less but camels hate you
50+2 vs all magical spells; -3 vs all breath weapons
51-55Religious fanatic; -4 charisms and an inability to work with pagans
56-60+3 with rapiers; -2 with all other weapons
61-65A coward; -8 save vs Fear
66-70Stupidly brave; even greater demons don't scare you; -5 to wisdom
71-72Dragon friend; +2 vs all dragon attacks; 50% chance of talking
73-74Elf friend; they'll never attack you first, and you speak their languages
75-76Undead friend; they won't attack your 50% of the time; -4 to charisma
77-78Roll d6 and add the result as a plus to any weapon type
79-80-4 chance of figuring out anything mechanical; -3 to intelligence
81-82Your one desire is to form a secret society; +5 to charisma
83-84Easily fall in love; opposite sex gets +8 charisma vs you
85-86Taught by a true weapons master; get +2 with all western weapons
87-88Bump of direction (75% accurate) and weather prediction (65%)
89-90Born to kill, you truly savor it; -2 to charisma; 25% chance of going berserker
91-92Born to a normal mother with an efreet father; you are 100% fireproof
93-94Hates dragons (90% attack on sight); +4 with attacking them
95Secret were-creature (roll for type). There is a 98% chance you will be chaotic and a 50% chance you will be terribly evil, but all so very secret.
96Sired by an unknown demon; +2 to all characteristics and saves. There is a 98% chance you will be chaotic and a 50% chance you will be terribly evil, but all so very secret.
97Natural ability of True Sight.
98Natural warrior; add +1 to all your physical attacks.
99You hate mages; add +3 to all magical saves. You kill them.
100Young giant (roll for type); -3 on charisma; start at first level with 3d10 hit dice, add d10+1 every level.